How To Stop Brexit - And Make Britain Great Again - Nick Clegg
Concise summary of the UK'S relationship with the EU. How the issue has split the Tory Party for decades; how big money, and a small number of people, hijacked the debate and used the right-wing newspapers to poison attitudes and distort the truth; how the referendum was won and how MPs have capitulated their personal views to the two big party machines. But also an honest assessment of the failings of the EU and its need for reform. He suggests an EU of varying types of membership from inner committed core countries to two outer layers of countries with looser relationships. As, for stopping Brexit, he only sees that a rise in political activism from armchair voters, and an obvious shift in public opinion against the likely damage to the UK can bring enough pressures to bear. Worth reading by all who have the future of the country at heart, whether Leave or Remain.